Migration and Asylum law

In the area of immigration law, we provide advice and legal assistance on issues relating to residence permits, asylum cases, immigrant detention and naturalization.
We can draw on many years of experience and expertise, including in the area of European law and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).
We provide legal services to individuals, organizations and companies in the following areas of migration law:
- Asylum applications
- Family reunification/formation procedures;
- Residence permits for medical reasons;
- Residence permits for expats and their families members;
- Residence permits for family member with different nationality;
- Residence permits extensions/withdrawals
- Holiday and family visit tourist visa;
- European migration law;
- Acquisition of citizenship /naturalisation.
- Appeal procedures
- Companies and Organizations
Residence/work permits for:
- Skilled migrant,
- Start-ups;
- Self-employed persons
- Foreign investors
- Business visa.

The law of Contracts

Every entrepreneur or private individual has to deal with the law of contracts daily.
We are specialized in the area of the law of contracts, both nationally and internationally.
For us it does not matter, whether a contract you need relates to franchise, licensing, offer, sales, supply, donation, charity, dispute resolution, loan, trust management, insurance, leasing, representation or transportation.
Our extensive experience in particular with the the drafting and interpretation of contracts, trade agreements, general terms and conditions as well as the dispute settlement mechanisms allows us to to fashion the right approach for our clients.
We are specialized the following areas of practice:
- Letters of intent
- Drafting general terms and conditions
- (International) Litigation and Dispute Resolution
- (International) Contracts/agreements drafting and negotiating

Administrative law /
Public law

Administrative law is considered a branch of public law which deals with the decision-making of commissions, boards, tribunals or any other administrative body of government.
The decisions taken by the government may have grave consequences for you and your business.
Thus, it is very important to take appropriate actions, without any delay, in case you disagree with the given decisions.
Our extensive experience in administrative law allows us to to fashion the right approach for our clients.
After thorough examination of the matter, we discuss with you and recommend the legal strategies and procedures which are necessary to achieve the resolution of the matter.
If you are invited, by the administrative body, for a hearing, we will join and assist you during that procedure.
We are specialized the following areas of practice:
- Subsidies
- Administrative penalties
- Administrative enforcement
- Compensation for loss resulting from administrative acts
- Lawful and unlawful government acts
- Human Rights Law

European (EU) Law

The Netherlands is a member state of the European Union (EU), accordingly EU legislation is directly applicable within the Netherlands. EU rules are penetrating every area of national legislation, including, for example, migration law, human rights and corporate law.
Are you involved in proceedings concerning the free movement of goods, people, capital or services within the EU?
Due to our knowledge of and experience, in the area of European Law and its regulations, we can advise and assist you with procedures which fail within the scope of the given law.

Legal & Sworn Translations

Having an impressive background in legal translation allows us to provide secure, accredited language translation services to many companies, organizations and private individuals.
A legal translation such as a contract, general terms and conditions or a notarial deed requires specialist knowledge.
For translations of legal texts or official documents a sworn translator is required, to provide with a stamped declaration, attached to it, declaring the text to be a true translation of the original.
Due to our cooperation with professional translation agencies we provide with translation of legal document, as well as reviewing and editing of all kind of texts submitted to us.

International Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Whether it is a dispute involving a merger and acquisition/sale, contract or agreement, business competition or human rights we work with our clients to fashion the right approach.
After a thorough examination of the law and facts, we first consider the possibilities to resolve a dispute by way of providing advice, consultations or mediation.
In case the given mechanisms do not lead the dispute resolution we institute legal proceedings.
In case you have proceedings which take place in other countries than the Netherlands, our network and cooperation, with other law firms worldwide, allow us to ensure that the interests and rights of our clients are properly defended.
We are specialized the following areas of practice: 
- Advice, negotiation, mediation
- Human Rights
- Property Law
- Corporate Litigation
- Law of Persons and Family Law
- Law of Obligations
- Litigation in corporate and commercial disputes
- Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Debt collection & recovery 

No Cure No Pay

It often happens that one of the parties under an agreement fails to comply with his payment obligations or otherwise fails to comply with the agreement.
In close cooperation with you, we will draw up a plan of action and a clear financial picture.
We are able to provide assistance in debt collection and recovery, as well as in legal procedures related to the given issue. In a certain circumstances, it is also possible to initiate a debt recovery procedure within European countries.
You may also benefit from yearly subscription. Start gratis uw incassozaak (No Cure No Pay).
Start your debt recovery free of charge.


Mediation is a speedy, cost-effective and private form of dispute resolution in which an independent mediator leads a conference meeting, where the parties to a dispute meet to analyze both sides' position and negotiate the resolution of the given dispute.
Mediation allows parties who are in, or who are contemplating, litigation or arbitration, to put disputes behind them and avoid the personal and commercial effects of being engaged in costly and lengthy disputes.
Our experienced mediators will lead your mediation without losing a sight of the legal aspects as well as looking for an optimal solution.
Areas of practice:
- Corporate Law
- Administrative Law
- International law


We have a vast experience within the areas of corporate investigations, facts finding, surveillance and other investigation procedures.
We can investigate and gather information required for provision of legal assistance, review documents, make inquiries and request documents from government bodies, local authorities, NGO's and organizations that must provide the requested documents or copies thereof.
We work thoroughly and careful by assuring that your interest is our first priority.
You may use our final reports in your legal procedures.
We are specialized in the following areas:
- Corporate Compliance
- Fraud Investigations
- Financial and administrative research
- Surveillance
- Corruption
- Data theft
- Fact finding
- Tracking and tracing

Moving to another country starts with a lot of practical issues to deal with as well as going through a number of official procedures, necessary for proper settlement in the desired country. 

Expats & RelocationDesk

Our Desk provides comprehensive immigration services to professionals, entrepreneurs and investors who are interested in living and working legally in the Netherlands and other EU countries.
In addition, we provide services concerning sworn translation or legalization of the documents needed for different procedures in the Netherlands. In case you need an Apostille, we can provide you with information and assist to obtain it in your country.
Furthermore, our desk specialists can advise and assist in a range of issues associated with relocation, by providing you with full package of documents for a proper relocation and settlement as well as in the field of income taxes, wage taxes and social security, benefits and allowances, which you are entitled to, in the Netherlands.
You have a problem or a question?
Within half an hour we can do a quick scan and provide you with an advice, regarding your matter, free of charge.

Russia/CIS Desk 

Our desk of qualified specialists provides assistance to private individuals and companies from Russia and CIS countries in obtaining residence and work permits for their activities in the Netherlands and other European Union countries.
Our extensive experience in establishing companies in the Netherlands and other EU countries, allow us to fashion the right approach, for entrepreneurs wishing to work in various economic sectors, as well as for wealthy immigrants who want to invest in the Netherlands or other EU countries.
We provide financial, legal and notarial services to clients from Russia and CIS countries that consider establishing in the Netherlands or other EU countries.
Our experts advise on complex deals, assist in the preparation of various types of legal agreements and documents, provide financial and notarial services as well as represent in international disputes resolution and litigation procedures.
We also provide tax and legal advisory services to Dutch and EU companies pursuing business opportunities in Russia and CIS jurisdictions.